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Acton Campground

Case File: Acton Campground
Location: Acton, Indiana
Date: June 1980
Description: Acton Campground is a historical site near Acton, Indiana. Founded in 1859, by a group of 14 Methodists, it was used as a meeting place for the Indianapolis District Camp-Meeting Association of the Methodist Episcopal Church.


History: Acton Campground is a former religous community and a local historical site. Motorcyclist Robert Davidson was riding through Acton, on his way to Indianapolis to visit his daughter when it began to rain. He pulled over to put on rain gear, and was struck by lightning. The strike was so powerful it blew both his boots off his feet. Shortly thereafter first responders appeared, and considered his case hopeless considering the high voltage his body had sustained. Paramedics were struggling to revive him when a mysterious woman in black, carrying a Bible, appeared. Paramedic Randy Neibert claims the ambulance lost power at this time, which being equipped with a dual battery system would be highly improbable. This "Lady in Black" said that she could save Robert's life. She struck him on the chest with her Bible, and spoke in tongues. A few moments later his vitals returned. After spending two months in a coma, Robert awoke with no apparent brain damage or other side effects. Some have wondered about the origins of this "Lady in Black" and her out-of-place dress, as after Robert's life signs returned she disappeared into the crowd and was not been seen again. She had dark features, causing some to believe she was a Native American; however, her long black dress was common to missionary women from 19th century Indiana. It is believed that she was a spirit connected to the Acton Campground.

Dress of the Lady in Black

Background: Acton Campground was built in 1859 as a religious community and camping site until it burned down, first, in August 1864 after being used as a hospital for wounded Civil War troops, and then a second time in 1899 accidentally, and a final third time in 1905, which was caused by a spark from a passing train. Several artifacts left from it are displayed in a local museum, including a dress (pictured to the right) that is believed to have been worn by Robert's savior.
Investigations: None
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the May 3, 1996 episode.
Results: Unsolved