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Real Name: Ada Constance Kent
Nicknames: Connie Ada Kent
Location: Whalebone Corner, England
Date: Late June-Mid September, 1939


Details: Ada Constance Kent was a wealthy spinster who lived alone in a cottage near Whalebone Corner, Fingringhoe, Essex. She vanished in the summer of 1939, and a worried friend filed a missing person report three months later. She told police she searched the house looking for Ada, but did not find her. The door to the cottage was found unlocked, a tray with the remains of a meal was on the table, and an open copy of Romeo & Juliet was resting on a chair near the fireplace. The police searched the cottage and found no other clues concerning Ada's whereabouts. In 1942, Ada's close friend George Winkal went into the cottage to track down his missing friend, claiming to have broken in through the locked front door, searching the small three-room house from top to bottom. He found nothing out of place, much like the previous two searches. Nine years later, in April 1948, there was a mysterious deposit to Ada's bank account, and the police returned to the cottage to look for Ada. They found a fully-clothed skeleton positioned next to a bed. Next to the skeleton was an empty bottle marked "poison". The British authorities are unaware of who returned her body to the house. Surprisingly, police later determined that the remains were not Ada's, and to this day, Ada remains missing. The skeleton has never been identified.
Suspects: Police suspect that the person who placed the deposit in the bank account throughout the year of 1948 placed the unidentifiable remains in Ada's house and was possibly the killer of both women.
Extra Notes: This case appears in the book, "Lost And Never Found" by Anita Larsen.
Results: Unsolved