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Albert wong

Real Name: Albert Wong
Case: Child Prodigies
Location: Dallas, Texas
Date: 2000


Details: Twelve-year-old Albert Wong is an accomplished violinist and pianist and teaches himself on a wide variety of subjects from college textbooks. He first discovered his talents when he was three years old. By age five, he won a competition for piano players up to age eighteen.
One day, Albert's parents took him to a piano store to look for a new one for him. While playing on one of them, a director of music overheard him. He told his parents that he was very talented and found him a teacher. Eventually, he would be taught by piano prodigy Earl Wild. During a performance for his eighty-fifth birthday, ten-year-old Albert was invited onto the stage. He then performed a piece onstage. Later that year, he released his first piano CD. His mother hired a professor of physics to teach him.
To this day, nobody knows whether child prodigies are caused by genetics, evolution, culture, history, or a combination of those things, and it remains a mystery.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the June 26, 2002 episode, along with that of Jessica Constant.
Another child prodigy featured on the show was Philip Pauli.
Results: Unsolved