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Real Name: Amber Nichole Crum
Nicknames None known. Amber's middle name is alternatively spelled Nicole.
Location: Dallas, Texas
Date: December 26, 1983


Date of Birth: September 25, 1981
Height: 2'4"
Weight: 24 lbs.
Characteristics: Caucasian female with blonde hair, blue eyes, and pierced ears.


Details: Amber was last seen by her mother's boyfriend, James Britton Monroe, on the day after Christmas. He left her in his truck while he went into the store and she was gone when he returned. He was later charged with her murder but charges were later dropped due to lack of evidence.
Suspects: James Monroe
David Elliot Pendon was also announced as a person of interest in this case as well as other disappearances and murders of young girls in 2007.
Extra Notes: This case was first released on October 19, 2020 as a part of the second volume of the Netflix reboot of Unsolved Mysteries. It's featured at the end of "Stolen Kids" as a part of a long-term missing children roll call along with Andre Bryant, Cherie Barnes, Corey Edkin, Desiree Carroll, Ke'Shaun Vanderhorst, Aaron Anderson, and Christopher Abeyta.
Results: Unsolved