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Andre Wilson

Real Name: Andre Gerald Wilson
Aliases: Andre Gerald Bey, Ali
Wanted For: Murder, Robbery
Missing Since: July 25, 1996

Sary San


Details: Twenty-five-year-old Andre Wilson is wanted for attempting to rob the Seng Heng Market in Long Beach, California, and shooting the thirty-eight-year-old store clerk, Sary San, on July 25, 1996; the attempted robbery and shooting was caught on surveillance video. Sary was an immigrant from Cambodia who was married and had seven young children. Sary had been working at the market for just one day when she was killed.
Wilson and a friend, Shanta Sadewater, had taken Sadewater's friend's Blue Oldsmobile on the afternoon of July 25, 1996. After driving around for several hours, the two passed the Seng Heng Market and Wilson stated that he wanted to rob the store. At around 5PM, Sadewater pulled over near the store and Wilson entered. He pulled a gun on Sary and demanded her to open the register. Sary had trouble opening the register since she was new, so Wilson went around the counter and tried to open it himself. When he was unsuccessful, he shot Sary once in the back of the head, killing her.
A security guard for the market pursued Wilson as he fled the scene; the two exchanged gunfire. One of the shots went through the Blue Oldsmobile; Sadewater and Wilson then fled the scene. Sadewater was initially told by Wilson that he had only shot the security guard. The two decided to abandon the car and dump Wilson's gun, along with several other items.
The next day, after Sadewater's friend had reported her car stolen, Sadewater was arrested and brought in for questioning. When she learned that a store clerk had been killed, she told police what had happened. She also led police to the gun and the other items that she and Wilson had discarded. After finding the evidence, authorities put out an arrest warrant for Wilson, charging him with attempted robbery and murder. However, he fled the Long Beach area and has not been seen since.
Extra Notes: This case first aired as a Special Bulletin on the September 20, 1996 episode of Unsolved Mysteries.
Results: Captured. On the night Wilson's story re-aired on January 15, 1997, an anonymous tip from a viewer led authorities to him; he was found hiding in an attic in Oakland, California. He was returned to Los Angeles to face trial. In March 1998, he was tried and convicted of Sary San's murder. He was sentenced to death on May 1, and is currently on death row.