Angie housman

Angie Housman

Real Name: Angela Housman
Nicknames: Angie
Date: November 1993
Location: St. Ann, Missouri


Details: In November 1993, Angie Housman disappeared on her way home from school. She was a fourth grader who lived in St. Ann, a quiet suburb just outside of St. Louis, Missouri. She was last seen departing her school bus at her normal bus stop, just eight houses down from her home. After nine days, her frail body was found tied to a tree by a deer hunter in the Busch Wildlife Conservation area in Saint Charles County, a remote area near St. Louis. It is believed she was alive when she was left there, and she had died slowly of exposure. A small pile of ice chips had formed over her body. Later analysis revealed that her abductor had kept her alive a full week, torturing and raping her before taping her to the tree and abandoning her to die.
Law enforcement officials state they do have evidence in the case. They have the killer’s fingerprint from duct tape found at the crime scene and his DNA. Twenty years later, no arrests have been made, and no suspects announced.
Suspects: A sketch of a bearded man in a long coat, thought to have been seen in the area of Angie’s disappearance, was reported two days prior to her abduction, but nothing ever came of that account. In addition, no one has ever identified the mysterious “uncle” Angie told her teacher about before her abduction, and no member of the family had plans to take the child anywhere at the time of her disappearance.
Law enforcement has also looked into whether other cases could be related to that of Angie Housman. A link was sought between this case and that of Cassidy Senter, another St. Louis-area child who was abducted and murdered in the same time frame and the same area as Angie’s disappearance. Cassidy’s case, however, has since been solved, and authorities do not believe the two are connected. Since that time, other children have disappeared and turned up murdered, such as the still unsolved disappearance of Bianca Noel Piper, who has been missing since March 2005 and Heather Kullorn, who was murdered in 1999. The authorities do not believe the cases are linked.
Extra Notes: This case has not been featured on Unsolved Mysteries.
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