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Annie Currie

Real Name: Annie Ellen Currie
Case: Lost Mother
Date: 1949
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia


Details: In England in 1943, 23-year-old Canadian Sergeant Donald Currie met and fell in love with a British woman named Annie Fry, 19, from Wales. They married that same year and she was soon pregnant. However, in 1944, she miscarried during the bombings done by the Nazis. When she was pregnant again, Donald decided that it was safer for her to live with his family in Vancouver, British Columbia, so she moved there. On December 20, 1944, Jim was born; life was somewhat difficult for Annie without having Donald with her. Then, when the war ended in Europe in June 1945, they were reunited and soon had another son, Darryl.

Jim currie.jpg

Unfortunately, Donald was greatly changed as a result of the war; he closed down emotionally. He began working the night shift as a customs official. While he was at work, Annie became close to an older married neighbor, and they soon began an affair. A relative eventually told Donald about it.
In 1949, Donald sued Annie for divorce and custody of the boys. He won the latter; he was to decide whether or not she could visit them. He decided against letting her have visitations with them. He gave Darryl up for adoption; he let Annie see Jim one more time. He and Jim moved to Los Angeles soon afterwards, and he remarried twice. Although Jim was close to his two stepmothers, he still wanted to be with Annie.
After Donald died in 1989, Jim began searching for Annie and Darryl. Although he was able to locate Darryl in Vancouver and reunite with him, he has never been able to locate Annie and is still searching for her. Sadly, Darryl has no memory of his biological parents, but would still like to find her.
Coincidentally, Jim currently works searching for other people's lost loved ones; he is senior investigator for a California public defender's office. He works to locate family members of death row inmates.

Age progression of Annie (age 67)

Annie is 5'2" with a medium build and speaks with a British accent. She remarried in 1951, but that marriage also ended in divorce; she may be using the last name "MacDonald" from her second marriage or her maiden name "Fry". Jim believes she may be living in the United States, Canada, or England. Her case remains unsolved.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the December 4, 1991 episode.
Results: Unsolved. After the broadcast, Jim was put in contact with a distant relative of Annie's. The relative stated that she had been searching for him as well. However, this relative has since lost contact with her. If she is still alive, she would now be 92 years old.