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Real Name: Unknown
Aliases: Arkansas Highway Stalker, The Good Samaritan
Wanted For: Murder, Kidnapping
Missing Since: July 26, 1989


Details: Dana Stidham vanished after going to a grocery store, and was never found. Later, that day, her car was found abandoned on Highway 71, north of Belle Vista Town Centre in Arkansas. There were no known signs of a struggle, her keys were still in ignition, and her wallet was in there as well. Her left rear tire was slightly, and an unidentified man knelt by it with tools.
Police also recall seeing a three tone Chevrolet Ranchero with a medium green top, a dark wood grain inser in the middle, and the lower part of the truck was white, it may have belonged to the unidentifiable man and was the car the killer drove.
Dana was finally found on September 16, 1989 by a hunter in a remote, wooded area, somewhere near the Newburn Lane area, a long way from where her car was found. He didn’t report the skeletal remains he found buried in a shallow grave, in a dry creek river bed until the next day.
The person impersonating a mechanic who tracked Stidham down, and killed her was presumably an African American male as 10% of them inhabited the southwest of Arkansas with mechanical jobs, but more whites were living in the area. The population isn't entirely helpful though, because the killer may have traveled all over Arkansas looking for victims. No one will ever know because police never shed any light on what the unidentifiable man looked like.
Extra Notes: This case has not appeared on Unsolved Mysteries
Results: Wanted

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