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Art Jones

Real Name: Arthur James Jones Jr.
Nicknames: Art Jones
Location: Fallowfield, Pennsylvania
Date: September 18, 1991


Occupation: Car dealership owner
Date of Birth: Unrevealed
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 165 pounds
Marital Status: Divorced
Characteristics: Caucasian male. Blond hair, blue eyes.


Details: Fifty-five-year-old Art Jones lived in a three-bedroom house in Fallowfield, Pennsylvania. At 2:30AM on September 18, 1991, his home was leveled due to an explosion caused by his propane gas furnace. The explosion blew all four of the walls out and brought the roof down. Strangely, his remains were not found in the debris, despite a nineteen-hour search.
Neighbors last saw him entering his home at 7:15PM on the evening of September 17. The fact that he was not in the house suggested that he vanished before the explosion, or that he may have possibly met with foul play, but no trace of him has been found.
Suspects: None known; police are uncertain if he was abducted, vanished voluntarily, or died from injuries as a result of the explosion. However, authorities discovered that he was deeply in debt as a result of his car dealership, leading some to speculate that he disappeared on purpose.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of a Special Alert in the November 6, 1991 episode.
Some sources list Art's age as fifty-two or fifty-seven.
Results: Solved. In April of 1992, Art's skeletal remains were found at the bottom of a cliff 400 yards from his house. The cause of death was determined to be a skull fracture. Authorities believe that Art survived the explosion but was dazed and confused as a result. Wandering away from his home, they believe that he then fell over the cliff to his death. They do not believe that his body could have been blown that distance from his home.

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