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Real Name: Arthur Lee Washington Jr.
Aliases: Artie, Fats
Wanted For: Attempted Murder
Missing Since: April 12, 1989


Details: Forty-year-old Arthur Washington Jr. is a violent career criminal with numerous convictions for armed robbery and drug offenses. He is wanted for the attempted murder of New Jersey State Trooper Michael J. Clayton. On April 12, 1989, a car Washington was a passenger in was pulled over by Clayton for a traffic violation. Washington got out of the car and began walking away. Clayton ordered him to stop, but he ignored his commands. As Clayton began to follow him, Washington pulled out a semi-automatic pistol and fired at him. He then fled the area. Fortunately, Clayton was not injured.
Washington is 6'1", weighs 180 pounds (in 1991), has black hair and brown eyes. He sometimes wears glasses. He is known to be connected with militant black prison groups and the Black Liberation Army. He is a habitual drug user and has tested positive for AIDS. He may be showing symptoms of the disease. He has distinctive scars on the back of his right thigh, neck, and wrists. He is a vegetarian and may be living in the mid-Atlantic region.
Washington was added to the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List on October 18, 1989.
Extra Notes: This segment originally ran on the January 9, 1991 episode as part of an FBI Alert. Also featured were Juan Jackson and Thomas Hickey and William McCarthy.
Washington was also featured on America’s Most Wanted.
Results: Wanted. On December 27, 2000, Washington was removed from the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list because he no longer fit the criteria to remain on it. There have been no tips or sightings of him since 1993. Although Washington is still wanted, police suspect that he has since passed away, possibly from AIDS or another illness. If he is still alive, he would now be seventy-years-old.