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Real Name: Audrey Marie Santo
Occupation: None
Place Of Birth: Worcester, Massachusetts
Date Of Birth: December 19, 1983
Location: Worcester, Massachusetts


Background: On August 9, 1987, three-year-old Audrey Santo was playing with her brother, Stephen, when she fell into the family swimming pool and nearly drowned. She was rushed to the hospital and went under cardiac arrest. She then slipped into a coma for three weeks. It was determined that she had massive brain damage. Afterwards, she went into a state called Akinetic Mutisim, which is a state of non-speaking and limited movement. Four months after the accident, she was brought home to live with her family while in a hospital bed.
A year after the accident, Audrey's family took her to Medjugorje in Yugoslavia. Although the trip nearly killed her, her family believes that she spoke with the Virgin Mary. They also believe she became a victim soul, which is a person who willingly takes on the suffering of others. After she was brought back home, oil began dripping from several religious objects in their house. Also, blood and oil began "weeping" from a painting of Jesus Christ. One nurse was suspicious, at first, but she later found no explanation for the oil. Tt was given to people who were ill, and they claimed that it helped them heal.
In June 1994, a mysterious rash appeared on Audrey's legs. A biopsy determined that it was what one would see if the patient was on chemotherapy; Audrey was not on chemotherapy, so it did not make sense. This led her family to believe that this is evidence that she is a victim soul.
Some believe that Audrey could be eligible for sainthood because of the miracles that she has performed. It is interesting to note that she is healthy and has had no bedsores for twelve years and that some claim that she can operate her machines through telekinesis. Her house soon became and still is a pilgrimage site, with thousands of worshipers coming to visit her. A window was placed near her room so people can view her. To this day, she and her miraculous powers remain a mystery.
Case Files:

  • Caitlin McQuade - a young girl who was believed to have cerebral palsy. She was given some of the oil. Now she does not have braces on her legs. Her family believes that this happened because of Audrey.
  • Victor Fanucchi - an elderly man who recovered from crippling neck pain as a result of the oil.
  • Joey Parolisi - a young boy who was injured in a car accident and unable to walk. His mother, Sheryle, claims that she prayed at Audrey's bedside for his recovery. Shortly afterward, he was able to walk again.
  • Jim Pirog - a young boy who lapsed into a coma after a car accident. His parents, Stanley and Joanne, were given a sample of the oil by a friend. They placed it on his head seven days after the accident. Soon, he awoke from the coma. A year later, he graduated from high school.

Notes: This case first aired on the April 2, 1999 episode.
Sadly, Audrey passed away of cardio-respiratory failure on April 14, 2007 at age twenty-three. A chapel has been set up in Audrey's former bedroom and pilgrims still come there seeking cures.