Beale papers

Beale Papers

Case File: Beale's Treasure
Location: Virginia
Date: 1821
Description: The Beale's treasure is $21 million of gold and silver believed to be hidden in Bedford County, Virginia.


History: In 1821, a miner named Thomas Beale claimed that he had hidden $21 million in gold and silver dubbed the "Beale's Treasure". He claimed that he had found the gold and silver in Colorado in 1818, but some people believe that Beale may not even exist. Three ciphers were later found that treasure hunters believe may be able to help locate the treasure. So far, only one of the ciphers has been decoded, but a treasure hunter claimed that he has decoded the second cipher and may know where the treasure is located.

Background: Thomas Jefferson Beale is believed to have lived in Colorado in 1818, where he claimed to have found the treasure. He is believed to have lived in Virginia in 1821, where he buried the alleged treasure. There are census records for two Thomas Beales in 1820, but it is unknown if they are actually him as the census lists are incomplete.
Entrance to beale

Possible Entrance to Beale's treasure

Investigations: None
Extra Notes: The case was featured as part of the special #7 episode that aired on May 18, 1988.
Results: Unresolved. A website claims that Beale's cyphers have been solved and a photograph is shown of the alleged opening to the treasure site, but it is unknown whether anyone has located any actual treasure.

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