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Benny Franklin Miller

Real Name: Benny Franklin Miller
Aliases: None known
Wanted For: Child Molestation
Missing Since: 1991


Details: In 1991, fifty-one-year-old Benny Franklin Miller of Los Angeles and his then-girlfriend engaged in sexual acts with their thirteen-year-old daughter. His girlfriend was convicted and served time, but he is still at large. He is fond of Harley Davidson motorcycles and is a tattoo artist. Several tattoos on his arm feature the word "Sky".
Extra Notes: This case was first featured on the February 23, 1994 episode along with David MacLeod; Robert Fritch and Donald Alexander. It was excluded from the Amazon Prime and FilmRise episodes.
Results: Captured. Miller was later arrested and convicted of a sexual offense. He served time in prison until he was released in 1999. As a term of his parole, he was required to never return to Lancaster, California. However, he was arrested again in 2003 after he was found living there and was not registered as a sex offender.