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Real Name: Dr. Bernard M. Bueche
Nicknames: No Known Nicknames
Location: Spotswood, New Jersey
Date: July 14, 1964


Details: Dr. Bernard Bueche arrived in Spotswood, New Jersey in 1955 from New York City. A graduate from the University of Michigan, he built a twenty-room medical clinic on Summerhill Road in Spotswood, but in July 1964, he told a dentist in his building he was going out for a few hours. Bueche was never seen again. No foul play was suspected, but Bueche's car and belongings stayed on the location for over a year waiting for his return. The building is now the Spotswood town offices and police department.
Suspects: None
Extra Notes: This case appears in the book, "Lost And Never Found" by Anita Larsen.
Results: Solved. Dr. Bueche was eventually found years later in New York City, working in Brooklyn as an emergency room doctor. It has been reported but unconfirmed that he spent time in the USSR for seven years before returning to New York. He then migrated to Southeast Asia where he died at the age of fifty-nine.