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Bruce and rosa letter

Letter from Bruce and Rosa

Real Names: Bruce and Rosa
Case: Lost Friends
Location: San Diego, California
Date: February 1996


Details: On July 16, 1978, nine-year-old Kevin Reeder was with his mother Merle in Ovid, New York, when they tossed a bottled message into the land-locked Cayuga Lake asking that the person who found the letter to get in touch with him. For the next few weeks, Kevin constantly checked the mail, hoping for a response. However, it never arrived.
Kevin grew up and moved to Florida and then Texas. In February of 1996, he returned to Ovid and received a message back from people calling themselves Bruce and Rosa. The couple apparently found his bottle in San Diego, California. The note read: "Hello Kevin, I found your message in a bottle (like that song) at the Beach in San Diego, Calif. I thought it would be funny to write back. Pretty cool!" The couple did not leave a return address or any other identifying information.

Kevin Reeder

Kevin and his mother were amazed at how far the bottle had apparently gone to reach Bruce and Rosa in San Diego. Dr. Richardson is one of the top experts on global water currents. He has looked into the case to determine how the bottle may have traveled that far. He believes that the bottle first traveled out of the lake through the Erie Canal. It then went through the St. Laurence Seaway and out into the Atlantic Ocean near Nova Scotia.
Dr. Richardson believes that the bottle then drifted south along the Eastern seaboard. After that, it veered towards Europe and cruised near the West African coast until a current pushed it towards South America. Currents then took it back east, past the Cape of Good Hope, and into the Indian Ocean. It then moved east until it reached the Southeastern Pacific Ocean. Again, it moved westward and headed towards the Philippines and Japan. After that, it headed east again, travelling down the Pacific coast in the United States before reaching its final destination in San Diego.
However, Dr. Richardson is skeptical and believes that it is more likely that someone found the bottle in New York and traveled to San Diego with it. Regardless, Kevin would like to solve the riddle of his bottle's journey. He hopes to find the couple known as "Rosa and Bruce".
Extra Notes: This segment was featured as part of the September 27, 1996 episode.
Results: Unsolved.