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Real Name: Unknown (at time of broadcast)
Nicknames: Buckskin Girl, Miami County Jane Doe
Location: Troy, Ohio
Date: April 24, 1981


Details: On April 24, 1981, the body of an unidentified young woman was found in a ditch alongside Greenlee Road in Troy, Ohio. She had died between one and two days prior. She had been strangled and beaten. She had no socks, shoes, or any form of identification. She was wearing a brown-and-orange turtleneck sweater, Wrangler-brand jeans, and a distinct buckskin poncho that led to her nickname. She was believed to have been between the ages of eighteen and twenty-six. She was 5'6" and weighed 130 pounds. She had reddish-brown hair in braids. She had light brown eyes and freckles across her face.
Suspects: It is believed that the woman was a victim of the Ohio Prostitute Killer, who was possibly a man that went by "Dr. No" on a CB Radio that may have preyed on prostitutes at truck stops throughout Ohio. She may have been the first victim of the murders, which took place until 1990. Some suggest that she was a victim of domestic violence and was not connected to the other murders, as there was no evidence that she was a prostitute.
This case was also linked to the Redhead murders, a series of murders of young women with red hair during the 1980s. However, her connection to those cases was later disproven.
Extra Notes: This case first aired briefly on the February 19, 1992 episode, which focused on the Ohio Prostitute Killer. Also featured were April 1990 Jane Doe and 1987 Jane Doe.

Marcia King

Results: Unresolved. Several sketches and reconstructions were later created of the woman; her case was also taken on by the "National Center for Missing and Exploited Children". Pollen testing indicated that she traveled across the country and isotope testing indicated she grew up in the Northeastern part of the United States or perhaps Canada.
In 2017, this case was taken up by the DNA Doe Project; they uploaded her DNA to GEDMatch, which allowed them to use new genetic genealogy to determine the woman's identity and ancestry. In April 2018, thanks to the project, she was identified as twenty-one-year-old Marcia Lenore Sossoman King. She regularly hitchhiked and vanished after leaving her Little Rock, Arkansas, home in 1980. Sadly, her father died shortly before she was identified; however, her mother was still living in the home where Marcia had grown up. She had never moved or changed her phone number, in hopes that Marcia would someday return or call her.
Law enforcement confirmed Marcia's identification at a press conference. They also stated that they hoped to hear from people who knew her when she was in Louisville, Kentucky, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in March 1981. Since then, they have been able to determine her whereabouts, relationships, and other vital information in the weeks leading up to her murder. They hope to identify her killer by extracting DNA from hairs found at the crime scene.