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Real Name: Elliott Budd Hopkins
Occupation: UFO Researcher
Place Of Birth: Wheeling, West Virginia
Date Of Birth: June 15, 1931
Location: Various


Background: Budd Hopkins was an artist until 1964 when he and several friends experienced a bizarre UFO sighting. He began to research UFOs and also studied the phenomenon known as Missing Time. He began receiving phone calls and letters from people who had UFO sightings and Missing Time experiences. He later wrote two books about it, Intruders and Missing Time. He is certain, based on all of the evidence from the cases, that it is real, but hopes that one day, it will stop because of the problems that have happened to the people. According to him, there have been gynecological issues with several of the women that claim to be abducted. Some problems include: false pregnancies, miscarriages, and attempted abortions where no embryo was even there. He believes that the aliens are performing genetic experiments on the abductees, taking sperm and ova samples from them. He believes that a scientific investigation needs to be done about it. He has researched several cases about Missing Time.
Case Files:

Notes: This case first aired on the November 30, 1988 episode. Budd continued to research UFOs and the Missing Time phenomenon until his death in 2011.