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Real Names: Candice Laray and Sharina Marie Berry
Case: Lost Daughters
Location: Amarillo, Texas
Date: May 1994


Occupation: None
Date of Birth: May 19, 1985 (Candice); November 18, 1987 (Sharina)
Height: Unrevealed
Weight: Unrevealed
Marital Status: Single
Characteristics: Caucasian females. Blond hair, blue eyes (both)


Details: Candice and Sharina Berry were still toddlers when their parents divorced in 1988. Four years later, a court awarded their father, Bill, sole custody. Their mother, Gaym was granted weekend and summer visitation rights. In May 1994, she picked them up at Bill's home in Amarillo, Texas for a six-week visit. She never brought them home. She has since been charged with custodial interference. She has a previous conviction for theft by check. She is also wanted for probation violation.
Extra Notes: This case first aired as a Special Bulletin on the May 17, 1996 episode; it was updated on the November 1, 1996 episode.

Berry family reunited

Results: Solved. On the night of the broadcast, several people in Westminster, Colorado, called the telecenter after recognizing Gay as one of their neighbors; some of them had even watched over Candice and Sharina before. The authorities soon learned that she was at a party at the time, and when she returned, she was arrested and charged with interference of child custody.
Candice and Sharina were returned to Amarillo and reunited with Bill. He learned that while with Gay, they were not allowed to go to school and often had to lie to those around them. He was glad to finally have them back with him and their half-siblings.
Sadly, Candice and Sharina's brother, Cameron, died unexpectedly in December 2015 at the age of twenty-two.