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Real Names: Candy Gaither Hoerner and Roxy Gaither
Case: Medical Mystery
Location: Illinois
Date: October 1992


Details: Candy and Roxy Gaither were the oldest of six children. They were the only girls, born just eighteen months apart. By the time they were adults and young mothers, they formed a close bond. On February 27, 1979, Roxy was critically injured in a serious car accident. By the time Candy arrived, she had slipped into a coma. That night, Candy told her how much she loved her. Sadly, two days later, she passed away at age twenty-two.
A few years later, Candy was diagnosed with leukemia, but she soon went into remission. She remained so for several years until October 1992 when it returned. The only hope was a bone marrow transplant. At first, it appeared that that was a success. However, her body then began to shut down. Her liver failed and she slipped into a coma. One night, however, she saw the ghost of Roxy. She told Candy that she must stay on Earth with their family because they needed her, and she was soon going to become a grandmother.
Candy felt that Roxy had given her the strength to fight through the cancer. She soon awoke from her coma and the cancer went in remission. Two weeks later, she was released from the hospital. Two years later, Roxy's prediction became true and she became a grandmother. She is certain that Roxy came back from her grave to help save her life.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the April 4, 1997 episode.
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