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Carmen Charneco

Real Name: Carmen Charneco
Nicknames: No known nicknames
Location: Elgin, Illinois
Date: July 24, 1993


Details: Eighteen-year-old Carmen Charneco was an only child who lived with her parents. She was dating paroled felon Edwin Rodriguez and was pregnant with his child. In June of 1993, she graduated from high school. According to her parents, she was going in a positive direction in her life. In July, she broke up with Rodriguez and got a new job at a home improvement store. She planned to make a better life for herself and her unborn child. Tragically, she was never able to do so.
On the morning of July 24, 1993, Carmen was found strangled to death in the passenger seat of her car in Elgin, Illinois. Her body was reclined in the seat to make it look like she was asleep. Police questioned Carmen's friends and relatives. They learned that on the night of July 23, she went to a friend's house in Carpentersville. She left the house around midnight, planning to go home. Police believe she pulled over and was killed somewhere along the way.
Police learned that Rodriguez was violent towards Carmen, which made them suspicious of him. They tried to locate and question him, but were unsuccessful. They learned that he vanished around the same time of the murder. Although police have not charged him with murder, Rodriguez is wanted for questioning and also for parole violation. He has not been located and Carmen's case remains unsolved.
Suspects: Edwin Rodriguez
Extra Notes: This case first aired as a Special Bulletin on the February 21, 1997 episode of Unsolved Mysteries.
Results: Unsolved. Rodriguez is still considered a person of interest in the case; however, he has not been located.