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Carolyn Reynolds

Real Name: Carolyn Reynolds
Occupation: Astrologist
Place Of Birth: California
Date Of Birth: Unrevealed
Location: California


Background: Carolyn Reynolds is an astrological expert who has made several discoveries about serial killers and their astrological charts. Several serial killers' charts are examined in the segment, including Richard Ramirez, Jeffrey Dahmer, David Berkowitz, and Ed Kemper.
An astrological chart divides the sky into twelve sections or "houses". Each of the houses represent a facet of life. For example, parents and home are the fourth house. Death is the eighth. Each of the houses make up a portion of the 360 degrees that form a circle. According to astrologists, where the stars and planets land in these houses have specific meaning.
When Carolyn examined the astrological charts, she was given almost no information, other than date, time, and place of birth. Of the nineteen charts she examined, she was able to zero in on the charts of Dahmer, Ramirez, Berkowitz, and Kemper as probable serial killers. In each case, she was able to talk about specific details about their crimes.
Case Files:

  • Son of Sam - Carolyn stated that she did not believe he had much control over his actions. Berkowitz, indeed, claimed that he was told to commit his crimes from a neighbor's barking dog.
  • Jeffrey Dahmer - Carolyn determined that he was destructive, heartless, and cruel. She believes that if he was not so evil, he would have been a murder victim himself. Interestingly, he was murdered in prison in 1994.
  • Ed Kemper - in the fourth house of his chart, which involves parents and home, Carolyn noticed that there was a lot of bad things going on at his home. She also felt that he had serious problems with his mother. This was true, as one of his victims was his mother.
  • Richard Ramirez - in 1988, Ramirez bragged to a fellow inmate, stating "I killed twenty people, I loved all that blood". According to Carolyn, he had five of the seven worst degrees, including the degree of the devil. During his trial, he openly professed worshiping Satan. He also had a pentagram drawn on his hand.

Extra Notes: Carolyn Reynolds was featured as a part of the April 25, 1997 episode.