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Cathy Ferner in 1957 (left) and her twin sister Debby in 1992 (right)

Real Name: Catherine Marie Ferner
Case: Lost Sister
Date: 1951
Location: Florida


Details: Morro Bay, California resident Debbie Snyder Kail is searching for her long-lost fraternal twin sister, Cathy Marie Ferner, who she has not seen since 1951, over forty years ago. When the twins were born in 1949, Debbie was named "Cathy Helmold" and Cathy was named "Karen Helmold". When the girls were just two, their parents divorced. The two were adopted by separate families.
Debbie was able to locate a photograph of her sister from 1957. She knows that her sister was raised in Dade County, Florida by Oscar and Bettie Ferner. The couple split up in the early 1960s. They renamed Karen "Cathy Marie Ferner". No trace of her has been found.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the Special Live Broadcast which aired on November 25, 1992.
Results: Unsolved
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