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Chase bowman

Chase Bowman

Real Name: Chase Bowman
Case: Unusual Phenomenon
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Date: July 4, 1988


Details: On Independence Day, 1988, five-year-old Chase Bowman became inexplicably terrified by a fireworks display. His mother, Carol, thought it was strange as this had never happened to him before. Over the next few months, his fear of explosive noises intensified. For help, Carol turned to a friend who was a hypnotherapist. During the session, Chase seemed to be transferred to a battlefield during the Civil War. He claimed that he was behind a rock, holding a big gun. He also saw a black soldier being shot.
In his vision, Chase was shot in the wrist and sent to a field hospital. After being bandaged, he was sent back to the front to man a cannon. He said he was then killed during the battle. It appeared that he had a past life during the Civil War. Carol was certain that he could not have known any of these things, as he had never watched or read anything about it.

Carol bowman

Later, he drew rough sketches of the field hospital and the cannon that he had seen. Civil War historians felt that the drawings were very accurate. Interestingly, he also had eczema on his wrist that went away soon after his hypnotic session. Carol became interested in past life experiences with children and later wrote a book about it called "Children's Past Lives".
Extra Notes: This case first aired as a part of a segment on reincarnation on the May 2, 1997 episode. It also featured those of Liia Rudolph and Blake Hocken.
Results: Unsolved - A source has since revealed that Bowman is now working in as a director of photography in the film industry.