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Real Name: Christopher Enoch Abeyta
Nicknames: No known nicknames
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Date: July 15, 1986


Occupation: Minor
Date of Birth: November 28, 1985
Height: 2'2"
Weight: 25 lbs.
Marital Status: Single
Characteristics: Caucasian male with blond hair and blue eyes. He is of Swedish, German, and Spanish descent. His family believes his hair may now be brown and that he is of average height for his age. If he is still alive, he would now be in his mid-thirties.


Details: Seven-month-old Christopher Abeyta is the youngest of Gil and Bernice Abeyta's seven children. They lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado. At around 12:30am on the morning of July 15, 1986, Gil and Bernice put him in his crib, which was located just a few feet from their bed. They left the front door unlocked so that one of their older children could enter. At 6:30am, Bernice woke up and discovered that he was no longer in his crib. She then discovered that the front door was open. Police were called to the scene and it was also discovered that a basement window was open and their garage door opener was missing. Despite an extensive search, no trace of Christopher was found. It is assumed that he was abducted, but whether or not it was someone known to his family is unknown.
Suspects: Gil and Bernice were considered initial suspects. They were having marital problems prior to Christopher's disappearance. They had previously separated but were reconciling. Christopher was kidnapped on the same night Gil returned to the family home. Bernice failed two polygraph tests. However, they have maintained their innocence.
Christopher's family suspects that his abductor was a woman who had an affair with Gil. She allegedly had a history of break-ins. However, the police have not named her a suspect. Bernice and Christopher's sisters reported receiving numerous strange calls in the middle of the night in the weeks prior to his disappearance.
Extra Notes:

Results: Unsolved. In 2018, three separate men came forward, each believing that they were Christopher. However, in February 2019, DNA testing confirmed that none of them were him. Sadly, Bernice passed away in 2017 and Gil passed away in 2020 without ever finding out what happened to him. His siblings are continuing the search for him.