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Real Name: Charles "Chucky" McGivern
Case: Medical Miracle
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Date: December 1982


Details: In December 1982, seven-year-old Chucky McGivern came home from school with the chicken pox. Three days later, he suddenly lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital. His brain was dangerously swollen. He was diagnosed with Reye's syndrome and his parents were told that he might not survive. They were told that if he lived, he would probably have severe brain damage.
His parents moved into the hospital to be closer to him. Other relatives soon joined them. His mother's cousin, Jerry, gave her a medal of St. John Neumann, the patron saint of vocations. He had it in his pocket when he was in a serious car crash. She put it near Chucky's head, hoping it would help save him. His family began going to church more often and prayed regularly, hoping for a miracle.
Despite their prayers, Chucky's condition seemed to worsen. At one point, his mother overheard one of the nurses saying that he was not going to make it. Soon after, she noticed the medal somehow kept flipping over. That evening, she found that an unknown person had taped a picture of Neumann on the door of his room.
The next day, his father had an odd encounter in the waiting room. A mysterious small boy was there, who was also seen by several doctors and nurses. At one point, he entered Chucky's room, asking to see him. He vanished before the doctors could talk to him. Later that day, a priest came to administer the last rites for Chucky. However, he felt that, instead of dying, Chucky would reverse courses, get better, and live through the disease.

Young St. John Neumann

Less than an hour later, Chucky regained consciousness. Soon, he was off life support and sitting up in bed. He told his parents that, in several dreams, he had seen the same boy that his father, the doctors, and nurses had seen. A few days before Christmas, he was released from the hospital.
Chucky and his parents later went to Neumann's shrine, and he saw a picture of him as a boy there. When he saw it, he was certain that Neumann was the boy that he saw in the hospital. His family now believes that Neumann came to help save his life. Over decades later, he is still alive and well, perhaps due to the spirit of Neumann.
Extra Notes: The case first aired on the December 23, 1992 episode. It was also documented on It's a Miracle.
Results: Unsolved