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Real Name: Cognitech
Occupation: Image Processor
Place Of Birth: Pasadena, California
Date Of Birth: 1988
Location: Pasadena, California and abroad


Background: Cognitech is a computer image processing firm used by investigators to enhance surveillance footage of murders and robberies, in order to help gather clues for convicting criminals and helping solve murder cases.
The technology was used to enhance the surveillance footage of a gas station in Los Angeles. The station had two camera angles; in one, a struggle can be seen outside of the station. The struggle involved an unnamed male customer who was assaulted and killed by two men. The two men were arrested and charged with murder. They admitted attacking the man but claimed that it was in self-defense. The initial footage did nothing to clarify the case and the first trial ended in a hung jury.
A retrial took place five months later. This time, Deputy D.A. Dave Brougham enlisted the aid of Cognitech. Using the latest computer technology, Cognitech enhanced the videotape of the attack. The images were isolated, enlarged, and slowed down. Although the video was only three seconds in length, it was made into a continuous loop. The enhanced video clearly showed that the two men were viciously attacking the defenseless customer. Due in part to the enhanced videotape, the two men eventually admitted guilt. Both are currently serving prison sentences in California, thanks to Cognitech.
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Notes: The case was featured as a part of the May 5, 1995 episode.