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Real Name: Connie Jo Hamilton
Case: Lost Mother
Date: 1966
Location: Kansas City, Missouri


Details: Thirty-year-old Gay Lee MacMaster of Elk Rapids, Michigan is searching for her mother, Connie Jo Hamilton. The two have not seen each other since 1966 when Connie and Gay Lee's father divorced. She was last believed to have been living in Kansas City, Missouri. Gay Lee has also learned that Connie attempted to contact her several times throughout the years; however, she was stymied by relatives. Gay Lee hopes to reunite with her mother and introduce her to her four grandchildren.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the Special Live Broadcast which aired on November 25, 1992 and was updated on February 9, 1993.

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Results: Solved. On the night of the broadcast, several callers placed Connie Jo in Missouri. However, the operators were unable to immediately verify the information. Eventually, all of the viewer tips checked out. Five days later, Gay Lee and Connie Jo spoke for the first time in twenty-six years. Connie Jo is now remarried and works as a home care nurse for the elderly in St. Charles, Missouri. Gay Lee was thrilled to learn that her mother had also been searching for her.
Three weeks later, at the airport in Travers City, Michigan, Gay Lee and her husband Greg were reunited with Connie Jo and her husband Donald Cox. Later that day, Connie Jo met the four grandchildren she never knew she had. She and Gay Lee were able to fill in the gaps of their decades long separation.