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Coral polge

Real Name: Coral Johanson Polge
Case: Unusual Phenomenon/Psychics
Location: England
Date: 1946 to 2001


Details: Coral Polge is a British artist who has a supernatural ability to draw portraits of dead people without ever seeing them before their deaths. She claims that their spirits work through her to help her make the drawings.
In 1984, a photographer named Peter Cook met with Coral. She was able to accurately draw his deceased grandmother, Minnie Rose, who died in 1962. She was also able to correctly guess her name and accurately describe her and her life. She also accurately drew Peter's mother, Emily, who died in 1978.
Coral first learned of her talent shortly after World War II, when she met with a psychic medium who told her that she would become a famous psychic artist. Within a few years, she began to accurately draw deceased loved ones and friends. She claims that she has made over 10,000 accurate drawings.
Loraine Ferraro was another woman who met with Coral. In 1989, Coral was able to precisely draw a portrait of Loraine's aunt, who had died when she was six. The drawings that Coral has made has helped many of the deceased people's family members feel better about their loved one's passing and helps many believe that there truly is life after death.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the November 28, 1990 episode.
Results: Unsolved. Coral passed away in April 2001, but her psychic abilities remain a mystery.