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Crash and dash robber

Robber #1 (left) and Robber #2

Real Name: Unknown
Aliases: Crash and Dash Robbers
Wanted For: Robbery
Missing Since: May 31, 1989


Details: Police in Houston, Texas are searching for two men responsible for several "Crash and Dash" robberies. During the crimes, these brazen thieves drive their cars through department store windows, take the store's safe, and then drive away. The thefts have cost the stores thousands of dollars in damages. One Houston electronics store had been robbed a total of five times, so they decided that they would fight back.
On May 31, 1989, they placed a video camera in the back of the store that videotaped the entrance. At around 11:30PM, two men drove by the front doors in a stolen car. Two minutes later, they returned to the store on foot and noticed the camera, so they boldly waved at it. After that, they walked away. Five minutes later, they returned and drove their car through the entrance doors.
One of the men (Robber #2) then got out of the car and went inside and began looting the store. The other man (Robber #1) entered and stole the camera, although it still caught his image because the footage was being taped elsewhere in the store. The next day, the damage was discovered and the store employees contacted the police. They then gave police the footage of the robbers.
The man who stole the camera is believed to be Hispanic, with dark hair and dark eyes, is between 5'5 and 5'7, and was between 18 and 21 (in 1989). His accomplice is also believed to be Hispanic, about 5'6, slim build, and was in his early twenties (in 1989). The men have never been identified.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the November 22, 1989 episode.
Results: Unresolved. The statute of limitations has since run out on these crimes. It is believed that these men are no longer wanted.