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Daphne Boyden and Le-Zhan Williams

Real Name: Daphne Marie Boyden
Nicknames: No known nicknames
Location: Vallejo, California
Date: May 17, 1996

Lathan williams.jpg


Details: Seventeen-year-old Daphne Boyden was the girlfriend of rising rap star Lathan Williams and the mother of their six-week-old son, Le-Zhan. On May 17, 1996, two unidentified girls arrived at the home of her grandmother, Riva Lee Boyden,.
The girls apparently wanted to see Le-Zhan, and it appeared that Daphne knew them. Riva Lee left that afternoon to go to bingo, and when she returned, her house had been set on fire and Daphne, who had been shot to death, was found inside. There was no sign of the girls or Le-Zhan there, and it was obvious to police that the girls had murdered Daphne and then kidnapped Le-Zhan. Police, however, had few leads in this case and no suspects have been identified.
Suspects: A few months before Le-Zhan's abduction and Daphne's murder, Lathan was attacked and shot in the head by an unknown assailant. It has not been determined if the shooting was related to Daphne's murder and Le-Zhan's abduction. The girls were seen fleeing from the house as it went ablaze carrying a bundle believed to be Le-Zhan. They were described as teenaged African-American females but could not be identified.

Extra Notes: This case first aired on the November 22, 1996 episode.

Latasha Brown (left) and Ocienetta Williams (right)

Results: Solved. In 2002, six years after Daphne's murder, Le-Zhan was found in a home just two miles away. The girls who took him, 22-year-old Latasha Brown and Ocianetta Williams (no relation to him or Lathan), were arrested in connection to his abduction and Daphne's murder. Latasha's mother, Delores, was arrested for child concealment and served a one year sentence. Ocianetta was given a thirteen year sentence for her connection to Daphne's murder and Le-Zhan's abduction, while Latasha was found guilty of murder in 2004 and sentenced to 37 years to life in prison.
Le-Zhan was reunited with his family a few weeks after he was found, but, sadly, he could not be reunited with Lathan because he was serving an unrelated twelve year sentence for armed robbery. He was released in 2010.