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Darlene and Davida Ebmeier

Real Name: Darlene and Davida Ebmeier
Case: Lost Daughters
Location: West Virginia
Date: 1950


Details: Beulah M. Ebmeier wants to find her two daughters, Darlene and Davida. After Beulah and her husband divorced in 1950, he placed the girls in a West Virginia convent. Beulah never saw or heard from them again. Darlene was born around 1947. Davida was born around 1950; she may now be living in Ohio.
Extra Notes:

Results: Solved. Beulah learned on the night of the broadcast that her daughters were alive and well. Darlene, now Darlene Testa, is living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Davida, now Davida Miller, is living in Kansas City, Missouri.
Sadly, on July 19, 1993, Beulah passed away at the age of sixty-seven.