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David morehouse

David Morehouse

Real Name: David Morehouse
Occupation: Author
Place of Birth:
Date of Birth:
Location: Fort Meade, Maryland


Background: David Morehouse was the son and grandson of military officers. He graduated from Brigham Young University at the top of his class. He later joined a group in the Army called the "Rangers". In March of 1987, he was taking part in a military exercise in Jordan when he was shot by a stray machine gun bullet that lodged in his helmet and knocked him out. An angel-like figure visited him and told him that he was on "the wrong path". After that, he had several strange nightmares. A military psychologist believed that the shooting incident unleashed David's psychic powers.
Later in 1987, he joined a clandestine operation done by the United States Government. The operation, called the "Stargate Project" used people with psychic powers similar to David, called "psychic spies," in order to spy on people in different countries around the world, mostly enemies of the United States. In his first experiment, he was able to transport himself to Mt. Fuji and accurately describe the area. Over the next year, he worked with several other "psychic spies".
During his time with the program, he either went after "soft targets" which were engineers, military figures, and political figures; or "hard targets" which were weapons research development facilities, submarines, and narcotics. The process was called "remote viewing", and was used by the government until 1994. After the program ended, David began telling the public about his experiences and later wrote a book called "Psychic Warrior." In 1995, the CIA admitted the existence of the program.
Case Files:

  • Lt. Col. William Higgins - abducted by political extremists in Beirut, Lebanon, on February 17, 1988. A few months after his abduction, David was asked to determine his location through remote viewing. He described a building that was heavily guarded. He also described a room where Higgins was brought for trial. He and other remote viewers were also able to describe his torture. However, they were never able to pinpoint an exact location. Sadly, Higgins was later killed by his captors.
  • Pan Am Flight 103 - an American plane that crashed over Scotland, killing all on board. After the crash, David and several other remote viewers were called for an emergency session. They were only told the coordinates of the location of the plane crash. David saw the plane and its occupants during the flight. He then sensed an explosion onboard and the deaths of the occupants. Later, the viewers were able to come up with a scenario as to what happened: the plane was blown up by a terrorist bomb, hidden in a suitcase in the forward cargo hold. Investigators later came to the exact same conclusion.

Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the March 28, 1997 episode.