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Real Names: David Kenneth Tyll and Brian George Ognjan
Nicknames: Dave (Tyll)
Location: St. Claire Shores, Michigan
Date: November 22, 1985


Occupation: Machinist (Tyll); Mechanic (Ognjan)
Date of Birth: August 21, 1958 (Tyll); January 16, 1958 (Ognjan)
Height: 6'2" (Tyll); 5'10" (Ognjan)
Weight: 175 pounds
Marital Status: Married (Tyll); Dating (Ognjan)
Characteristics: Both are Caucasian males. Tyll had Brown hair with green eyes and wore a beard. Ognjan had sandy brown hair and brown eyes and wore a mustache.


Details: David Tyll and Brian Ognjan, both twenty-seven, had been best friends since they were in Boy Scouts together. They grew up in Detroit, Michigan. They played cards, hunted, and enjoyed the outdoors together. On November 22, 1985, they planned to go hunting near David's family cabin in White Cloud. David picked up Brian at his home in St. Claire Shores. Brian cashed a $50 check and the two then left for their trip. They first planned to visit a friend in Mio, 150 miles east. However, they never arrived at the cabin or the friend's home and were never seen again. David's vehicle, a 1980 black Ford Bronco, has also never been found.
Authorities could find no reason for the men to disappear voluntarily. They do not believe that the men ever made it to White Cloud; however, several witnesses placed them and their Bronco at a tavern in Mio, so it is believed that something may have happened to them there.
Suspects: None known
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of a Missing Persons Special Alert in the October 25, 1989 episode. This case was also documented on the series, "Murder Book:, "Sins & Secrets" and Cold Case Files.

Results: Unresolved. In May 2003, two brothers, fifty-two-year-old Raymond Jr. "J.R." and fifty-one-year-old Donald D. "Coco" Duvall, were arrested for the murders of David and Brian. For years, the brothers had been considered suspects in the case. In 1990, investigators learned from an informant that on the night that the hunters vanished, they went to Linker's Lounge near Mio. They drank heavily and got into a physical altercation with another group of people that included the Duvall brothers.
However, the police did not have enough evidence until a witness, Barbara Boudro, came forward. She reported that she and a friend (now deceased) had been at the bar on the night of the disappearances. She had seen the hunters and the Duvall brothers exchange words inside the bar. She said that she and her friend later witnessed the brothers attack David and Brian and then beat them to death with an aluminum baseball bat in a field near her home. She said that they then placed their bodies in their Ford Bronco and drove away. She did not come forward until 2003 due to her fear of the brothers.
Several other witnesses reported that the Duvalls bragged about killing David and Brian, cutting them up and feeding the remains to their pigs. These witnesses were also apparently threatened into silence. Another witness, the girlfriend of Raymond's son, also came forward in 2003. She said that Raymond had bragged to her that he and Donald had killed the hunters over a dispute about a deer. He also told her that he had put the bodies through a wood chipper and fed the remains to the pigs. He threatened to do the same to her if she left his son. Yet another witness, Donald's girlfriend at the time, said that in 1986, he confessed to killing the hunters. He then beat her and threatened to kill her if she told anyone. She and two other witnesses also said that another Duvall brother, Rex, was driving the victims' Bronco a few days after the murders.
Another Duvall brother claimed that he "didn't kill them" but helped transport the victims' bodies. Police suspect that yet another Duvall brother, Kenny, had scrapped the hunters' vehicle and sold it for parts. He told the police this in a taped interview, but had "courtroom amnesia" while on the stand. In October 2003, Raymond and Donald went on trial for the murders. Both took the stand and denied being involved, claiming that they never met the victims. They were convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.
Neither David nor Brian's remains have ever been found. However, as recently as 2009, police have received tips about the possible location of their remains. Based on Barbara's statements, investigators also believe that at least three other men were involved in the attack on the hunters. However, no one else has been charged.

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