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Real Name: Derrick Jon Niewiadomsky
Case: Unexplained Death
Location: Hagerstown, Maryland
Date: October 6, 2002


Details: In October 6, 2002, Derrick’s wife, Mercedes Johnson, wanted to go to the party with, him but she was too sick so she had to stay home. Derrick was driving home from the party with something wrong with his car and lost control. He crashed and did not make it. Mercedes could not get a hold of him at the time. Several questions have not been answered about the accident.
Derrick's friend (unconfirmed), Ben, had told his eldest son, Kensuke, that Derrick was a DJ, and that he would teach his nephew how to be DJ. Today, Kensuke draws pictures of him to remember Derrick and hangs up photos of him on the wall on the wall at his grandparents house in his room. He often goes to visit Derrick’s grave with his father.
Extra Notes: This case was not featured on Unsolved Mysteries, and there are is no verifiable collaborative evidence that this case is genuine.
Results: Unsolved