Diderici prison.jpg
Prison where Diderici was held at

Real Name: Diderici (last name unrevealed)
Nicknames: No Known Nicknames
Location: Danzig, Prussia (now modern Poland)
Date: 1815


Details: Diderici was once the valet to Captain Fritz Alswanger of the Prussian Army. After the general died, Diderici assumed the man's identity to assume a life of wealth and leisure. After he was caught and arrested, he was imprisoned in Wiechselmunde Prison in Danzig. According to legend, Diderici was able to escape in 1815 by picking the lock to the chains on his feet and vanish under a cover of mist and fog. He was never seen again.
Extra Notes: This case appears in the book, "Lost And Never Found Two" by Anita Larsen. Later legend claims Diderici vanished by mystical means: it is this version of his escape which may have inspired the later "disappearance" legends of Orion Williamson (1854), Charles Ashmore {1878), David Lang (1880), Oliver Lerch (1889).
Results: Unsolved
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