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Dimitric Moore

Real Name: Dimitric Moore
Nicknames: No Known Nicknames
Location: Florida
Date: April 22, 1995


Details: In April of 1995, Ora Lee Moore canvassed and searched the neighborhood looking for her son, eight year old Dimitric Moore. After several hours, she returned to her home where Dimitric's body was found dumped into the trunk of her car. Police immediately jumped to the assumption that Ora had killed her son, and she was later arrested and charged with voluntary manslaughter in the death of her son.

Ora moore.jpg

They believed that Ora became infuriated with Dimitric when he came home dirty, and that she threw him into a bathtub, where he then drowned. They believed that she then placed his body in the trunk. Ora was tried but was found not guilty in the death of her son. Police soon began to suspect that neighborhood boys that Dimitric was seen with on the night of his death may have been responsible.
Suspects: After Ora was dismissed in the murder of her son, the police tried to identify the young boys seen with Detrick, but they were unable to get identification.
Extra Notes: The airdate for this segment is May 9, 1997.
Results: Unsolved.