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Network: Investigation Discovery
First Episode: January 11, 2010
Last Episode: June 18, 2018
Status: Ended

  • Christopher Walker - Narrator/Presenter


Details: Disappeared is a criminal investigation documentary focusing on cases of individuals who have mysteriously vanished without a trace by unknown means or reasons. It contains interviews and commentary by people connected to the various cases, such as police officers and other investigators, including the subject's relatives and friends in which individuals have gone missing unexpectedly. Some of the cases ended up being resolved by broadcast, but most often, those covered have not been explained at the time the episode aired. The series went on hiatus on April 11, 2016 and was eventually renewed after three years, returning to Investigation Discovery for a Seventh Season.


Disappeared has the following cases in common with Unsolved Mysteries.

TV Series[]

Web Videos[]

Other Cases[]

All cases listed in this section occurred after the cancellation of Unsolved Mysteries.