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Donald louis keith

Real Names: Donald M. Keith and Dr. Louis Gerald Keith
Case: Twins
Location: Chicago, Illinois and Washington D.C.
Date: 1987


Details: Donald and Louis Keith are identical twins who founded "The Center for the Study of Multiple Birth" in 1977, and although they live in separate cities, they believe that they are connected through a sixth sense. They even claimed to have experienced shared pain, with their first instance happening in 1987 while Louis was at a health club in Chicago. He tried one exercise to get rid of "love handles" when he hurt himself and felt tremendous pain. Meanwhile, in Washington D.C., Donald was walking down a corridor in his office building when he felt a horrible pain in his right groin area that stayed for a few seconds and then went away. Later that day, he called Louis, and his secretary said that he had injured himself. Donald soon learned that he had hurt himself in the same place, that he had felt the pain, and that it also happened at the same exact time. They believe that they have some sort of psychic ability that causes them to feel each other's pain.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the May 2, 1990 episode, along with those of Mark S. Newman and Gerald I. Levy and Lavona and Lavelda Rowe-Richardson. Louis passed away on July 7th, 2014.
Results: Unsolved