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Edgar Dawson

Real Name: Edgar Dwight Dawson
Nicknames: Pooh
Location: Marshall, Texas
Date: February 21, 1997


Details: On February 21, 1997, Marshall, Texas resident Edgar Dawson was sitting in the passenger seat of his car with some friends when an unknown individual fired a shotgun at the car. Edgar was struck in the chest and died almost instantly. None of the occupants of the car were able to get a good look at the gunman, and none of the neighbors reported seeing anything. Authorities believe it was a random act of violence. Edgar's case remains unsolved.
Suspects: A white vehicle was seen in the area of the shooting by a witness. This vehicle was later located by authorities but was never conclusively linked to Edgar's murder.
It is not known if the murder was a retaliation for something, if it was drug-related, or if it was a completely random shooting.
Extra Notes: The case was uploaded to the Unsolved Mysteries website on June 19, 2015. The person interviewed in the video was Police Chief Jesus Campa.
Results: Unsolved