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Elaine emmi

Real Name: Elaine Emmi
Case: Psychic Instinct/ESP/Unusual Phenomenon
Location: Palm Springs, California
Date: 1983


Details: In 1983, Elaine Emmi and her neighbor Sharon Krakker were in Palm Springs, California, on business, over one hundred miles away from their home in Los Angeles. While at a restaurant, Elaine felt an overwhelming sense of dread about her four-year-old son Matt. She felt that something bad had happened to him. She tried to call home, but nobody would answer. She called Sharon's husband, Tom, and asked him about Matt. He said that he did not notice anything wrong.
Sharon tried to calm her down, but Elaine insisted that something was wrong. Elaine and Sharon drove back home; twice, Elaine stopped and tried to call home but received no answer. When she arrived at home, she learned that Matt was in the hospital. He had fallen through a glass door and broken his arm. This happened at the same time that Elaine had the feeling of dread. Despite being separated by over 100 miles, Elaine had still seen and felt the pain that Matt was suffering. This is just one of the many cases of mothers having psychic instincts regarding their children.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the March 23, 1994 episode about mothers' psychic instincts, along with Carolyn Hebert and Linda Babb.
Results: Unsolved