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Elliot Leyton

Real Names: Elliott Leyton
Occupation: Anthropologist
Place of Birth: Unrevealed
Date of Birth: Unrevealed
Location: Unrevealed


Background: Elliott Leyton is an anthropologist who has worked with forensic psychologist Reid Maloy and criminologist James Fox. They have investigated several cases about serial killers and diabolical world leaders and found parallels in their personalities.
Leyton noted that the minds of these serial killers and evil world leaders were similar, as they both are able to easily gain power of their victims.
Case Files:

  • John Wayne Gacy - serial killer in Chicago during the 1970s who murdered several teenagers and young men and placed their bodies in his crawl space. He was also considered an active member of his community, being a clown for children's birthdays, being actively involved in local politics, and overall appearing happy and helpful.
  • Ted Bundy - serial killer who murdered dozens of young women throughout the United States. Prior to his killing spree, he worked for a rape crisis hotline, was a campaign to a Washington governor, and was named "Mr. Up in Coming Republican" of 1972.
  • Adolf Hitler - one of the most infamous psychopathic political leaders, responsible for killing millions of Jews. Fox believes that Hitler's physical and emotional abuse at the hands of his father caused him to become a brutal tyrant and psychopath. As an adult, he showed the most common trait among psychopaths, a total lack of empathy for his victims.
  • Saddam Hussein - another infamous psychopathic political leader, former president of Iraq. He grew up in an impoverished village and was frequently beaten by his stepfather. He has similar characteristics as Hitler. He learned that violence was the key to his power. He often tortured and killed any political rivals. On one occasion, he accused several rivals of treason and ordered his other cabinet members to execute them. During a cabinet meeting in 1982, one of his members suggested that he step down temporarily so that their goal of peace can be fulfilled. Hussein had the man arrested for treason. When the man's wife pleaded for his return, Hussein agreed. He sent her the man's dismembered remains in a bag.
  • Pol Pot - yet another infamous psychopathic political leader, former leader of Cambodia. He was responsible for the deaths of at least 25% of Cambodia's population.

Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the Diabolical Minds Special, which aired on November 3, 1991.