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Elysian Park

Case File: Elysian Park Treasure
Location: Elysian Park, California
Date: 1846
Description: Elysian Park Treasure is supposedly a large amounts of gold and jewels hidden in the secluded hills and canyons near Los Angeles.


History: About 150 years ago, wealthy residents of old Los Angeles apparently buried their riches for safe-keeping from the Mexican-American War. Since there were no banks at the time, they felt that burying their riches would be the only way to protect them. The park was a logical place to bury treasure because it was close to Los Angeles. There are rumors that some families never came back for their riches.
Many people believe that there is a fortune of gold and jewels are hidden in several canyons and hills of Elysian Park, outside of Los Angeles. Recently, several treasure hunters have been trying to locate the treasure.
Background: Elysian Park is a park and neighborhood located two miles from Los Angeles, California.
Investigations: In 1984, two sisters hired Roy Roush to search the park. The sisters remembered that their father had searched for the treasure when they were children. While going through the park, they recalled a certain location that he had searched in the past. While there, Roy found a rock with man-made holes in it. About seventy feet away, he found the initials "OC" carved into a rock. A few feet away from there, he found evidence of a tunnel.
At night, they began digging in the tunnel. About thirty feet down the tunnel, Roy's metal detector went off. They found buried artifacts; however, they were just old flashlight batteries. Later, he found a frayed rope in the tunnel. To Roy, this meant that other treasure hunters had already found the treasure in the tunnel. Although he came up empty-handed, Roy is convinced that there is a treasure somewhere in Elysian Park worth up to $1 million.
In June of 1994, Unsolved Mysteries brought in a team of researchers and treasure hunters to search for the treasure. Sensitive instruments scanning the park grounds suggest that the treasure may actually exist. One of the instruments showed that there may be an underground tunnel beneath the park. The instruments also showed that several metallic objects are buried beneath the park.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the October 2, 1994 episode.
Results: Unsolved