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Eric danowski

Real Name: Eric Danowski
Case: Medical Miracle
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Date: March 2, 1988


Details: Eleven-month-old Eric Danowski was very ill after receiving a liver transplant. Transplant surgeon Tom Starzl was concerned, especially because his body had rejected the first liver. Three weeks after his second transplant, he developed viral pneumonia; his doctors and parents feared the worst. His parents began to pray for a miracle. That night, his mother contacted a newspaper journalist, who wrote for the readers to pray for him. It appeared in the Erie Daily Times a few days later. Within a week, hundreds of parishioners in Erie began to pray for him. Amazingly, in just a few days, he began quickly improving. By his first birthday, he had beaten the virus.
Eventually, Eric underwent a third liver transplant; this one was successful. Years later, he is as healthy as every other kid. He is grateful for everyone that prayed for him.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the May 5, 1995 episode, in a segment about the power of prayer along with that of Kathleen Burghardt.
Results: Unsolved. Eric is still healthy to this day with a family of his own, his first child, Maverick, was born earlier in 2014, and his family is certain that prayer helped save him. Sadly, Tom passed away in 2017.