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Estela vera

Estela Vera

Real Name: Estela Vera
Case: Spirit Phenomenon
Location: Riverside, California
Date: March 30, 1991

Estela's angel

Angel seen by Estela Vera


History: Estela Vera is a native of Riverside, California. On March 30, 1991, she was with her son and daughter when they saw an ice cream truck being robbed. Her daughter went to call the police while her son went to try and fight off the robber, who was also fighting the driver. The robber then drove the truck into Estela; she was knocked unconscious and nearly died as a result.
Estela had suffered from cardiac arrest and her left leg was severed below the knee. Miraculously, she survived her injuries. When she regained consciousness, she talked about a man who was in front of the truck, whom she believed was an angel. She claimed that as the truck was coming toward her, she began praying and saw a beautiful smiling man heading in front of it, and that he helped save her life. She is convinced that he was an angel.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the May 25, 1994 episode along with that of Janie Halliday. It was also featured on Unexplained Mysteries.
Results: Unsolved