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Flynt Lee

Real Name: Willie Flynt Lee
Nicknames: Flynt
Location: Simspon County, Mississippi
Date: August 3, 2009


Details On August 4, 2009, A motorist driving along Mississippi Highway 13 a few miles outside of Mendenhall report a truck set on fire. The local volunteer fire department from Mendenhall was able to quick put out the blaze. Not only did they determine that the fire was arson, they also discovered bullet holes in the burnt out husk of the truck. The truck in question was registered to 44-year-old volunteer firefighter and chicken farmer, Willie Flynt Lee. The next day, Flynt's body was soon found in the Strong River by Charles Earl, the brother-in-law of Flynt's wife. An autopsy revealed that Flynt's cause of death from a gunshot to his upper torso that would have killed him instantly. Christopher Hubbard later makes a confession that implicated himself and two others, Roger Gilbert and a third man, in Flynt's murder. The two men were indicted in Flynt's murder. However, Hubbard later recants his confession and prosecutors were force to dropped the charges against the men due to lack of evidence.
Suspects: Charles Earl was originally considered a suspect due to how quickly he was able to find Flynt's remains as well as bad-mouthing him, but was eventually cleared. Christopher Hubbard and Roger Gilbert are considered to the prime suspects by investigators.
Extra Notes: This case was featured on the thirty-seventh episode of the Unsolved Mysteries Podcast, which was released on October 27, 2021.
Results: Unsolved