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Network: CourtTV (now TruTv)
First Episode: April 21, 1996
Last Episode: June 17, 2011
Status: Ended

  • Peter Thomas - Narrator


Details: Forensic Files is a top-rated documentary-style reality series which reveals how forensics and science are used to solve violent crimes and mysterious incidents. Using actors in recreated scenes interspersed with detective, witness and victim interviews, it originally aired on The Learning Channel under the name, "Medical Detectives," but went on to greater status on CourtTV, now TruTV. In each episode, interviews with police and friends and family of the the victims host recreations of the crimes as long with footage of the scientific procedures in forensics procedures, sometimes solving crimes that were once considered unsolvable.
Several episodes air under their old and new episode titles. The series started its run on the heels of the notoriety of the O.J. Simpson trial, the coverage of that trial opened the public attention on how forensics are used to solved crimes, even cases in excess of fifteen to twenty years old and even help release innocent people incarcerated in prison for crimes they did not commit.
The cult series is now a cornerstone for the former CourtTV Network with diverse and compelling episodes, over three hundred episodes over twelve seasons, running practically everyday on the TruTV schedule. At times, the series has showcased top known forensic analysts such as Henry Lee and Cyril Wecht.
In 2020, a spin-off called Forensic Files II first aired on HLN.


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Other Cases[]

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