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Gary Wilson

Real Name: Gary Daniel Wilson
Aliases: No known aliases
Wanted For: Murder
Missing Since: June 1996


Details: Twenty-nine-year-old Gary Wilson was described as quiet and easy-going; he was a part-time student who always wanted to be an attorney. However, he is now on the wrong side of the law, wanted for the murder of his best friend's husband, thirty-six-year-old Marek Kosciukiewicz. He met Marek's wife, Alicja, in 1994 when they were taking classes at a technical college in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. For her, then pregnant with her second child, the friendship was strictly platonic. Wilson apparently believed otherwise.
In December 1995, Wilson helped Marek and Alicja move from Calgary to Katy, Texas. Just a few months later, he also moved to a nearby apartment without their knowledge. On June 15, 1996, Marek suddenly disappeared while Alicja and their sons were visiting relatives in Poland. Six days later on June 21, Wilson also dropped from sight. That same day, his car was found abandoned at his parents' home in Calgary.
A friend of Wilson's in Calgary later went to the police with a letter from him. In it, he confessed to killing Marek. He claimed that, while at Marek's house, he questioned the paternity of Alicja's second child. Marek left the room and then returned and tried to attack him with a hammer. He claimed that he was able to wrestle it away from him and hit him in self-defense. He then choked him to death with a hanger. He claimed that he then dismembered his body and disposed of it in a bush along an Oklahoma highway. He did this to make it look like Marek abandoned his family. Police later found blood in the Kosciukiewicz home. However, his remains were not located. In September, an arrest warrant was issued for Wilson; he remains at large.
Extra Notes: This case first aired as a Special Bulletin on the January 10, 1997 episode.

Wilson after his release

Results: Captured. In May 1997, Wilson turned himself in to police in Calgary. Three years later, he was returned to Texas to stand trial. For unknown reasons, his friend who received the confession letter refused to come to Texas to testify. Wilson maintained that he killed Marek in self-defense, and that Marek was abusive toward Alicja. In 2001, Wilson pleaded guilty to Marek's murder and was sentenced to twenty years in prison. He was released on parole in 2006 and then deported back to Canada. He later wrote a fictionalized account of his time on the run. Sadly, no trace of Marek's body was ever found.