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Real Name: Unknown, possibly Gigi
Case: Lost Identity
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Date: February 18, 1995


Details: A woman who woke up at Audubon Park in New Orleans has no idea who she is or where she came from. She was found on February 18, 1995, and is believed to have amnesia and is now searching for her family and identity. She believes that her first name is Gigi. She had several bizarre belongings with her, including large amounts of makeup, four pairs of scissors, a gold plated table setting, UPS notices for company employees, and deposit envelopes in the Northeastern US.
Police have reviewed hundreds of missing person files, but to no avail. Doctors have done multiple tests on Gigi, but have found no reason for her amnesia. Sodium amytal, a so-called "truth serum", was used without success. Hospital official Doyle Magee has voluntarily assumed the job of finding her true identity. He does not believe that she is faking her amnesia. He is surprised that there were no personal effects in her belongings. He believes someone purposefully did this to conceal her identity. Investigators believe that she may have been attacked by an unknown individual, causing her amnesia. They also believe that she may have experienced something traumatic to cause her to forget her past.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the August 23, 1995 episode. Susan Roesgen of NBC affiliate WDSU-TV interviewed Gigi for the broadcast.
Results: Solved. Viewers tips led Gigi to being positively identified as a thirty-one-year-old medical secretary named Belinda Lin from Wilmington, Delaware. However, it was later learned from relatives that she had been diagnosed as a schizophrenic and that she had done something like this similarly in the past. It is now believed that she faked her amnesia.