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Granger Taylor

Granger Taylor

Real Name: Granger Taylor
Nicknames: None Known
Location: British Columbia
Date: November 29, 1980


Granger Taylor Note

Granger's Note to his Parents.

Details: Granger Taylor disappeared on the night of November 29, 1980 during a strong thunderstorm. He left a note on the door of his parents' room, explaining that he had left to board an alien spacecraft and would be gone for forty-two months, and he leaves his material possessions to them.
Extra Notes

  • This case was featured in two parts on the Unsolved Mysteries podcast. The first half was released on the March 24, 2021. The second part was released on the March 31, 2021 episode.
  • It was also profiled on Never Seen Again.

Results: Unsolved.