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Real Name: Hartford Office of Paranormal Exploration
Occupation: Various
Place Of Birth:
Date Of Birth:
Location: Hartford, Connecticut


Background: Dr. Joseph Klimek is the co-founder of HOPE, or the Hartford Office of Paranormal Exploration. A nurse, Jennifer Banever, a social worker, and a psychic are also involved. The group has done over 100 exorcisms in the past. Clients are first interviewed in order to determine whether or not an exorcism can help treat the individual. In 1999, they helped a Hartford woman, "Kathie", who claims that she has been possessed by demons.
Unsolved Mysteries was allowed to film the shocking modern day exorcism of Kathie done by HOPE. Kathie claims that the exorcism done by the group has helped her extensively.
Some, however, are skeptical of the group. Psychiatrist Wayne Sandler believes that the victims of "possession" are actually victims of psychiatric problems. He believes that the victims have mental illnesses and need professional treatment.
Case Files:

  • Jane - A woman who believes that she became possessed after using a pendulum. One night, she was using the pendulum when it began to move on its own. She believes that "demons" began to affect her daily life. She first started hearing voices which told her what she could eat, what she could wear, and who she could be with.
Kathie hope
  • Kathie - A twenty-nine-year-old Hartford woman who claims that since she was a teenager, she has been possessed by demons. She first noticed this when she was at college. After getting a shower, she looked in the mirror and did not recognize her face. Her eyes suddenly turned black and she ran outside, wearing only a towel. The police were called and she was taken to a hospital. Over the years, she has been diagnosed as having depression, anxiety, and schizo-effective disorder. She went through years of medical and psychiatric treatment, but nothing seemed to help. In 1999, she got in contact with HOPE and asked if they can do an exorcism on her. Bishop Robert McKenna was in charge of her second exorcism. During the exorcism, he used several objects that have been blessed in holy waters called "sacramentals". The objects caused Kathie to scream and yell in different voices. She claimed that she could feel the demons taking over her. After the exorcism, however, she felt much better.

Notes: The case was featured as a part of the June 11, 1999 episode.
After the story was filmed, Kathie told Unsolved Mysteries that she did not need another exorcism and that she has been able to find a job for the first time in several years.